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Corporate Profile

Unisont's technical presonnel:
Founders Milton (Left) and Hong-Ming in a 1994 photo

Hong-Ming Lee, Ph.D, PE

  • Experience: 40 years in Structural Analysis, Finite Element Methods, System Vibration, Computer Software Development, and Data Base Migration - has resolved numerous special stress analysis problems using advanced methodologies.
  • Philosophy: Good answers are usually simple, but simple answers are usually wrong.  Our clients deserve it right the first time.
  • Primary focus: Advanced piping dynamic and stress evaluation, and development of integrated computer software systems.
  • Hobbies: Hiking, classical music, and board games.

Milton Dong, PE

  • Experience: 40 years as engineering specialist in Piping Structural Analysis and Piping Component Design
  • Philosophy:  Technology is only the tool.  Applying a right solution is important.  With the latest technology and right engineering solutions, we provide the best quality service to our clients.
  • Primary focus:  Provide all engineering solutions and services  on schedule and under budget.
  • Hobbies: Baseball, soccer, and backpacking.

Asif Arastu, Ph.D., ASME Fellow, PE

  • Experience: 39 years as engineering specialist in thermal hydraulics and transient flow
  • Philosophy:  Computer analyses give numerical results.  Understanding the phenomena and root cause of the problem gives you the real answer.
  • Primary focus:  Provide engineering solutions, investigate steady state and transient loads, perform sub-compartment pressure/temperature analysis, trouble-shoot and identify the sources of the water/steam hammer occurrences, and evaluate flow induced vibrations in piping systems and structures.
  • Hobbies: Travelling, Music, ASME Code and Nuclear Division Activities.

Unisont Engineering, Inc. * 333 Hegenberger Rd, #310 * Oakland, CA 94621