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Some of our past and current projects and accomplishments:

(in alphabetical order, partial list only)

CGS    Keep Fill Piping Stress and Pipe Support Analysis

CGS    Fuel Pool Cooling Piping Stress

CGS    FPC Pump Base Plate Non-linear Stress Analysis

CRD Piping Design and Analysis

CCNPP Containment Sump Plate Design

CCNPP Charging Line ASME III NB Class 1 Fatigue Analysis

CCNPP Engineering Application Support

CCNPP Letdown Line Thermal Stratification

CCNPP Main Steam Analysis

CCNPP Piping Break Evaluation

CCNPP Pressurizer Spray Nozzle ASME III NB Class 1 Qualification

CCNPP Pressurizer PORV and SRV hydraulic RELAP analyses

DCPP  Local Stress Analyses

DCPP  Polar Crane Seismic Design and Analysis

DCPP  SGR Piping Stress Analyses and Seismic Qualifications

DCPP  Safety Injection Leak Test

DCPP  Plant Design Spectra Software Conversion and Migration

DCPP  RCS Branch Piping TAM & SAM Piping Analyses

DOE    Waste Treatment Plant Hydrogen Detonation Evaluation

Farley Main Steam Piping Vibration

Hatch Piping Vibration and Analyses

LGS    Report Writer Setup and Implementation

LNG    Waterhammer Load Analysis

Non-linear Restraint Support System

PSE&G Torus Piping Seismic and Hydrodynamic Analyses

PVNGS Automation and Report Writer Setup

PVNGS SI Gas Intrusion Pipe Support Design and Evaluation

PVNGS Safety Injection System Pulsation and Vibration Analysis

PVNGS SGR Calculation Revision and NB Class 1 Stress Report

Piping Stress Analysis Training Seminars

Pipe Support Design and Analysis Training Seminars

Piping Analysis Benchmark Study 

RBS    Steam Leg Stratification of Condensing Chamber

SONGS SGR Safety Injection Piping Analyses

SONGS SGR Spectrum Conversion and Analysis

STP    ECW Waterhammer Piping Stress Analysis

SESS  Chill Water System Support Removal and Qualification

SESS  EPU Project with ASME III NB/Class 1 Analyses and Stress Report

SESS  Recirculation Piping Analyses and ASME Class 1 Stress Report

SESS  RHR Branch ASME III NB/Class 1 Analysis

WCGS EIS Data Management Project

WCGS Outage Field Support

WCGS FW Check Valve Slam Hydraulic RELAP and Time History Analysis

WCGS Jib Crane Design and Analysis

WCGS MSIV/FWIV Replacement Piping Stress Analysis and Pipe Support Qualification

WCGS Spectrum Data Base Implementation

WCGS Report Writer Design and Implementation

Suquehanna EPU Class 1 Analyses
SSES RCL MS FW Piping (Click to full view)

We are NUPIC supplier to provide service to power utilities
under 10 CFR 50  Appendix B program:
  • APS
  • CENG/Exelon
  • PPL
  • PSE&G
  • SCE
Also provide engineering and training services to other nuclear utilities:
  • Exelon
  • PG&E
  • Entergy
  • BSI

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