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Value Added Services

There are many factors to consider in evaluating and selecting consultants to serve your engineering needs.  Quality and cost are no doubt on the very top of your list.  Those are also among the top competitive advantages our company has over the others, and here are the reasons.

First, it is clearly that cost is much more than hourly rate. We can provide services of equal or better quality at a lower total cost than others for the following reasons.

· Hourly rate. There is little variation in the industry - similar salary for engineers with similar qualifications. However, due to our operating system - strong training program, well-defined engineering procedures, state-of-the-art automation tools, and close supervisions - we can use engineers of lower grade, and thus lower rate, than others to achieve the same goal.

· Overhead.  We are a young company and have strived to minimize our expenses without compromising our capabilities. For example, because of our technology know-how, we have been able to set up a very capable infrastructure at a fractional cost of typical companies. Also, as a focused consulting firm, everyone is contributing directly to our jobs and there are no layers of management. Thus our overhead is much lower than others.

· Efficiency. This has the most impact to the total cost. We can complete a job that meets/exceeds all the requirements at a significantly less man-hours than others. This is because, in addition to our operating system mentioned above, we have vast experience in the work we do and we are familiar with your facility. Thus we can resolve any technical issues much quicker. This translates, even at the same hourly rate, into a significant lower total cost to you.

We are fully aware that quality is utmost important  and we have the program to meet/exceed your requirements.  Unisont is an approved supplier of NUPIC.

· QA program.  We have participated extensively in the development and implementation of QA program in our previous jobs. Now, we have adopted the latest methodologies and standards from the industry, mixed in our practical experience, and developed a clean, well-organized set of QA program and procedures.  It has been audited recently and approved with flying colors.

· Quality tools. We are always looking for ways to improve the quality of our work. One way is the use of automation tools. We have, for example, developed an integrated piping analysis package that can extract project data automatically and generate complete report without the need for engineers to transcribe any data. It is thus not only a great cost-saving tool, but also an invaluable quality tool.  We have in the mean time developed many other tools, such as BASEPLATE graphic input processor.

Besides quality and cost, we are also a company that differentiates itself from others in many ways. To mention a few,

· Technical excellence. We pride ourselves in the knowledge we have for our work. We all have advanced education and in-depth understanding of industry codes and standards - some are/were code committee members. We have worked on numerous projects and dealt with a variety of engineering problems such as Class 1 analysis, piping vibration, and nonlinear dynamic response. We have published a number of technical papers and given seminars/training.  You can always come to us for any technical issues.

· Innovation.   More than engineers, we are innovators too. For example, we have developed numerous methodologies to resolve engineering problems - some described in published papers. One of us had developed a nonlinear pipe support and was granted a multi-national patent. Also, as mentioned earlier, we have developed many state-of-the-art tools. Actually we are providing application development as one of our services.

· Customer service. Customer relationship is of course critical to our business. However, the main reason that we serve our clients well is because that is our nature. We are passionate about what we do and it gives us great pleasure in seeing satisfied customers. Customers have found us very responsive and that’s why they keep coming back to us.

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