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Base Plate Modeler



·  Provide Graphic Interface for Bolts, Stiffener, Attachment (Wide Flange,
    Channel, Angle, and Tube Steel), Weld Line, Plate Cut-out, Loads, etc.
·  Modelling Technique is Consistent with CDC Baseplate II Model
·  Input Data uses Engineering Keywords with Free Format
·  Analyze the Concrete as Non-linear Springs
·  Automatic Mesh Generation
·  Model Irregular Shaped Base Plate and Various Bolt Configuration with 
   Restraint and Various Boundary Condition
·  Model Space Frame as Part of Solution to the Base Plates Responses
·  Provide Data Check of the Baseplate Model for Each Interactive Command
·  Hard Copy Graphic Plot of Baseplate Model
·  Mixed Support Conditions with Bolts & Welds
·  Standard AISC Steel Member Properties: Rectangular, Square Tube, Tee, Angle, 
   Wide Flange, Zee, and Pipe.
·  Output in Microsoft Word RTF or HTML
·  Address Baseplate Issue on NRC IE Bulletin 79-02

Add-on App


GUI - Graphic User Interface

  • The math model of the baseplate in true scale is always display on the screen
  • Use mouse, cursor, and  dialog box to response user input command and control
  • Ease to input and  edit  for complex baseplate model
  • QA quality text data listed for user review and data checking

Sample of Features

Multiple Plate in Simple Model

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