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Interactive Window Modeler

Scaffold.Safe Interactive Plot

Finite Element Analysis (FEA) of the supported scaffolds that consist of one or more platforms that supported or linked by frames (walk-thru or ladder box), tubes/couplers, outrigger beams, brackets, poles, legs, uprights, posts, or similar rigid support. Because framed scaffolds are the most common type of supported scaffold used during plant outage/construction, our Scaffold.Safe add-on program module uses the interactive module to generate common supported scaffolds thus provides an true analytical and realistic solution. The program module computes forces, moments, critical buckling, and principal stress of scaffold frame members to evaluate the compliance of safety and strength. (see animation below)


  • Provide a Full Structural Analysis of a Complete Scaffold System. 
  • Assures Stability and Safety of Scaffold Frame Structure with an Engineering Solution.
  • Prevent and/or Study the Effect of Scaffold Falling or Collapsing
  • Assure scaffolds are built within OSHA Standards relating to Strength and Structural Integrity
  • Contain Modular Scaffold Frame Library with Frame Panel, Integral Posts, Horizontal Bearers, and Intermediate Members.
  • Provide Graphic Interface for Fabricated Structural Framed Scaffolds.
  • Ease in Building Structural Model of a Multiple Tiers of Scaffold Modular with a Few Clicks
  • Ease to Input Each Tier of Scaffold Modular in Skewed Orientation.
  • Export Scaffold Model to other FEA Programs if Required.
  • Provide Cost Effective Solution and Potentially Reduce the Time of Constructing the Scaffod System.
  • Provide Seismic Qualification to Extend Useful Period of a Temperory Support  Scaffold System.
  • Provide Timely Resolution on Scaffold Modification During Critical Plant Outage/Construction Period.

GUI - Graphic User Interface

  • Use mouse, cursor, and  dialog box to build complete scaffold system

  • Graphic generator duplicates the previous defined framed scaffold system

  • Math model of the scaffold frame structure display in true scale

  • Ease in editing for complex frame model

  • Rotate any tier of scaffolds in global system
  • Ease to connect various block of scaffold modular system
  • Add tight-in rod member or pole by clicking between two points   

Ten Minutes to Build the Above Scaffold Model

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