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Piping Stress Analysis Input Modeler

uPiM (Piping Input Modeler)
This Windows Application provides easy asscess for input and review of piping model and design parameters.  This modeler also export Windows data to other piping stress analysis program, such as ME101, uPipe, ADLpipe, etc.

uPiM Interface Modeler

  • Windows Application runs on various Windows platform
  • Provide Graphic Input Interface for piping stress analysis.
  • Show graphic model as you input or modify geometry data
  • Look alike ME101 input format
  • Provide editing function wit Window’s cut-and-plate, spreadsheet input
  • Provide color code of system pipe size, and temperature
  • Graphic option with Zoom, Rotate, etc.
  • Windows TAB separates various input type of input data.
  • Provide data check of the piping geometry
  • Export input data file to various piping stress analysis programs
  • Interface with ME101 result plotting module
  • Provide color keywords on each loadcase based on “star” options




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