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XJoint Modeler

eXpansion Joint Analysis Modeler

We provide a finite element analysis (FEA) tool to be easily modeled the standard or customized expansion joint for single/double bellow expansion joint with/without flange, tie-rod, hinge, and gimbals. For design and plant operation, it would require to provide flexibility to the piping system to evaluate loadings due to thermal growth, equipment movement, vibration or pressure pulsation. The XJoint program uses the interactive module to generate FEA detail meshes of the expansion joint thus provides a true analytical and realistic solution.


Advantage of using the XJoint program

  • Generate input of a complex expansion joint in minutes
  •  Eliminate common input error and complex data generation
  •  Easy editing and changing joint parameter 
  •  3D model for the expansion Joint
  •  Generate various FEA input, GT STRUDL, SAP2000, ANSYS, etc.
  •  Provide accurate stiffness to be used in piping stress analyses
  • Verify the design of expansion joint due to various loadings
  •  Color graphic representation for viewing analysis results
  •  Troubleshooting the root cause of fatigue failure in normal operating condition


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