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Unisont offers the following services,

  • Piping stress analysis, pipe support design, and standard and non-standard base plate analysis.
  • ASME III NB/Class 1 fatigue stress analyses, including thermal transient calculations.
  • ASME III, B31.1, B31.3 and BSI code compliance.
  • Structural and component finite element design analysis.
  • SRV and/or PORV hydraulic dynamic transient analysis and structural time history analysis.
  • Severe dynamic loads such as water hammer and steam hammer events, and steady state vibration.
  • Thermal stratification evaluation and analysis.
  • Piping vibration monitoring, evaluation and reduction.
  • Seismic design and stress analysis of response spectra and time history dynamic loading.
  • Power spectra density, Fourier transformation, and dynamic load factor calculation.
  • Non-linear systems such as one-way or gapped supports, as well as in-elastic support components.
  • Snubber qualification, optimization and reduction.
  • Operational and environmental erosion/corrosion evaluations.
  • Structural engineering and construction.
  • Fire safety and fire protection systems.
  • Pipe rupture, pipe whip and jet impingement loads.
  • Geotechnical service and engineering 
  • Procurement, project management, system startup, and plant operations.
  • Reactor vessel, steam generator, and valve replacement issues.
  • Plant outage and field support.
  • Technical and peer review.
  • QA audits.

Application Support and Development:
  • User and technical training on plant design engineering and mechanical system applications.
  • User's support for stress analysis, pipe support design, baseplate non-linear analysis, and other FEA programs.
  • Application development and enhancement in the area of piping stress and pipe support analyses, such as, nozzle evaluation, base plate analyses, ASME III NB fatigue analyses, report writer, and Class 1 stress report.
  • Graphic interface and animation.  3D MS Direct X graphic animation. 
  • MS Windows Application for piping stress modeling, baseplate modeling, pipe support modeling
  • Data base support and maintenance, including dBASE2, MS Access, SQL, etc.
  • Project database management.
  • Plant data migration.
  • Information technology computer system support and analysis.
  • Template for signature-ready reports.
  • Project design and engineering automation and workflow.
  • Data conversion between different applications.
  • Software development for any plant design related applications, e.g., system integration, finite element methods, jet load computation, or flow induced dynamic loads.
  • Computer system migration and implementation.
  • System V&V, Software Requirement Specification (SRS), Software Unit Test, 10CFR50 Appendix B program, and 10CFR21 requirements.
  • Quality Assurance, and Engineering Procedures.

Unisont Engineering, Inc. * 333 Hegenberger Rd, #310 * Oakland, CA 94621